Date of birth:
11th ofApril, 2010.
red-silver classic tabby
9,96 kg
HCM, PKD, FiV, FeLV: negative

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Al Capone is our purring machine, that we call at home our Blondy Charming Prince :) His character is adorable: he LOVES humans! Just to see someone is enough for him to start purring or 'talking' immediately. Sometimes we really have the feeling that he is not even a cat... If we call him, he surely answers and comes! 
So: Al Capone is a wonderful maine coon. We would be happy to se his qualities on all the maine coons ;) Big seize and weight, heavy boning, long and bushy tail, square jaw, high set and big ears, long and silky coat, etc, etc.
Al Capone arrived to us from one of the best european catteries, that we are so very proud of. Furthermore, his parents are the most beautiful cats we've ever seen!
We can also say that not only we think that Al Capone is a wonderful cat, but also he is very-very succesful on shows. The judges are love him, and also he is the favourite of the visitors. To him happaned that inapproachable event that he became the General Best (Best over all) on all the two days of a two-days big cat show (with the votes of all judges ;)!!!! He also has many BIS and BOB titles too.
Thank you Wally to trust us with this cat!

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