Date of Birth:
30th of March, 2010.
black tortie
7 kg
HCM, PKD, FiV, FeLV: negative
Elphistone Irish Cooler
VanTschens Otingo
Narciss of Gentle Lions
Pillowtalk's Sereena
Elphistone Extasy
Atlanta of Tammany
Pillowtalk's Iron Maiden

Shaycoon's Tara Reid

Justcoons I came For U
Aloa's Nifty Wolf
Langstteich's DD'Doris Day
Shaycoon's Qui Est Belle
Kiss Me Alwaro
Justcoons Good News
Our beautiful Cooky is coming from the Justcoons cattery. She is more the old typ then the new. Her weight is more than good. Many of the males nowadays would be glad to be as big as this cuddling girl! Her furcoat is long and fluffy. Her ears are not as big as rabbit's, but she has very nice linx on top of them. She has very strong and squere chin. But even of all theese nice and  valuable propertys, her most spectacular beauty is her extraordinary shining and beautiful tortie colour.  

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