Date of Birth:
21 th of April in 2007.
black blotced torbie with white (Mco f 0922)
7 kg
HCM, PKD, FiV, FeLV: negative
Photos say more then 1000 words! Everything is BIG and long on her. Long tail, long and heawy body (7 kg), big paws and ears. Her colours are aglow. That's why we choosed this word as our cattery's name.
We call her 'Joplin'. She is our very first maine coon. She is the most intelligent cat ever! She communicate, and she understand!
We showed her on TICA shows for one year. She was really successful. She merited the Award of Excellence "best maine coon in her colour.
On traditional shows she is also very good. She was several times Best of Breed, and also BIS & BOB.

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