Date of birth:
15th of Jan. 2012.
black torbie classic
6,2 kg
HCM, PKD, FiV, FeLV: negative
Niala is out of a very carefully selected combination where all the two parents are coming from a blood line with giant cats and really special and very kind temper. With Niala, finally a dream come true. She is not only very good seized girl (still very young) but also has great temper, and very nice typ. She has very nice profile, very good placed and also big ears, good chin, very heavy boning. On her very first show she become BEST GENERAL, so the most beautiful cat of the show!
Even if we are proud of this sucsess, we think that her most lovable quality is nor her beauty neither her seize, but her really special talktive personality. What is a treasure for us!!!

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