Date of birth:
28th of Sept, 2012
still growing
Health tests (2014)
HCM, PKD, Fiv, FeLV: negative

Mainefield's Al Capone
Mainefield's Howling Wolf
Summerplace Avalon
Galadriela Silvi Cola
Mainefield's Amelie Poulain
Mainefield's Camelot
Island in the Sun the Purrfect Coon
AglowCoons Milky Way
Flagstaff of El Dorado
Love Hulen Bacchus
Amacoons Menominee
Justcoons Irish Cooky
Elphistone Irish Cooler
Shaycoon's Tara Reid
My very-first cat, was a blue housecat.
As soon as I started breeding this wonderful race, the maine coon, I also started looking for a blue one... But to find, and most of all, to have a really good quality blue breeding cat... had seemed to be an impossible mission! For 5 years I searched for it, wrote e-mails, but never ever I found one that I really loved... Until on a beautiful day in 2012 a little blue mirricle happaned to us :)
Yes, it's him: Royal Flush! And not only his colour that we LOVE, but everything on him, and everything in him too. :)